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Scores for Wayfinding

Scores for Wayfinding

Oct 2021 - Mar 2022

Wayfinding has historically been rooted in physical places, mapping how we orient ourselves, read signposts and navigate routes to reach a destination. In today’s context, how might the process of wayfinding offer new tools for reorientating ourselves in new and shifting territories? How can we create avenues for reencountering each other and discover doors to imaginative travel while making space for understanding oneself? 

This project brings together a core group of art and design practitioners to reflect upon the notion of wayfinding as a pathway to renegotiating our boundaries and living with uncertainties. Our work emerges against the current backdrop of the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic and its unfolding effects and the intensifying wars and conflicts globally, and the ongoing climate crisis that demands our immediate collective action. We explore alternative methods of engaging with wayfinding via experimental scoring, movement exercises and sound explorations via a series of workshops. We’d like to share a series of ten creative activities that have emerged from our collective process of annotating, responding and experimenting with our bodies and life experiences.

You may interpret these exercises with freedom, bringing your own creative flair to the mix.   

Project Collaborators

Sharda Harrison

Performer and theatre-maker Sharda Harrison has acted with a range of local theatre companies and international theatre collaborations. In 2013, she founded her own theatre company, Pink Gajah Theatre, which performs fringe works and serves as a platform for artists to create and showcase their own creations.  In 2020, Sharda graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with an MA in Arts Pedagogy and Practice.
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Tingli Lim

Lim Ting Li is a supervising sound editor, re-recording mixer and sound designer. A multi-award winner for her work in sound design, she won the Verna Fields Award in Sound Editing at the Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards in 2014. She was also conferred the prestigious National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award in 2018.
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Celine Tan

With over 15 years of experience, Celine Tan has led numerous portfolios cutting across diverse design, advertising, media art and social movements. She provides strategic consultancy and integrative solutions to clients and collaborators, supporting their branding, outreach and marketing goals. Celine graduated from Curtin University of Technology with a Bachelor in Mass Communications (Film & TV and Marketing).

Hironori Kawaguchi

With over a decade of experience in advertising and design in Singapore and Japan, Japanese Design Director Hironori Kawaguchi takes pride in attaining equilibrium between design and functionality. He constantly pushes creative boundaries instead of taking the road well travelled.

Alecia Neo

Alecia Neo is an artist working across diverse mediums and networks that address modes of radical hospitality,  caregiving, and wellbeing. She’s working on Care Index, a long term artistic research that unfolds via collaborations with different practitioners and platforms.
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