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Scores for Wayfinding II (Esplanade Roof Terrace)

Scores for Wayfinding II (Esplanade Roof Terrace)

Recipes for Wayfinding (Care Index) is part of Esplanade’s The Studios 2022: nervous system. It contributes to the conversation of care that the season is centred on. As we reorient ourselves and reencounter each other in these changing times, how might the process of wayfinding offer new tools for practising care that may pave the way for greater empathy within our communities?

An Invitation from Alecia Neo and The Studios

Thank you for visiting the Recipes for Wayfinding art installation. Please share your photographs, videos and stories of wayfinding with us.

Each submission will also be archived on this website, with credits provided to each contributor.

To Contribute

1. Discover creative or unusual ways to move through or interact with the art installation.

How it feels like to lie under the fabrics?

How does your skin look or feel next to others?

What kinds of new poses or positions can you adopt in this space?

2. Perform your poses or movements for 1 - 3 min

3. Document your movements through photography or video

4. Share a personal story of wayfinding with us

5. Submit via Typeform here

See current submissions at #wayfinding

For a deeper dive into wayfinding, explore one or more creative exercises listed below.