Interfaith Journeys

Group exercise

Is there a particular spiritual or faith practice that grounds you?

Choose a series of gestures from practices of faith that bring you comfort and peace. 

What other sensations do you observe?

Take turns performing your gestures for each other. 

Try performing the gestures offered by a person from a culture or faith different from yours. Have them perform yours.

How did this exchange of gestures make you feel? 

What new sensations did you notice within your body? 

What did you learn about their culture or practice of faith? 

Tentative square
Tentative feet
Stepping out into the Unknown (circles)
Skip-hop (circle)
A punctuation of ending
Standing Cradle
Walking Cradle
Heart Reach (longing heart)
Abhaya Mudra
Resting on the horizon (30 sec)
Circling hands
Sisyphus (moving forward, moving back)
Exhaustive Shields
Punctuation of an ending
Starfish (Stationary instead of open vulnerability/close safety)
Foetus Position (Comfort/Womb)
Reclining (breastfeeding)
Submission (prostration)
Traveller’s stop
Hello/goodbye (beginning and endings of relationship)