Skin to Skin

Photograph featuring a close-up of skin folds and veins.

Take a few moments to observe your hands. Notice the quality of the lines, folds and curves of your skin. Did you discover something new?

Bring this curiosity to the space around the fabric installation at the roof terrace of the Esplanade. Observe the quality of the different fabric skins flowing and moving with the wind. How does your skin look and feel next to others?

Freely move around the art installation and document your movements and discoveries.

Share them with us via the public Open Call here.

Tentative square
Tentative feet
Stepping out into the Unknown (circles)
Skip-hop (circle)
A punctuation of ending
Standing Cradle
Walking Cradle
Heart Reach (longing heart)
Abhaya Mudra
Resting on the horizon (30 sec)
Circling hands
Sisyphus (moving forward, moving back)
Exhaustive Shields
Punctuation of an ending
Starfish (Stationary instead of open vulnerability/close safety)
Foetus Position (Comfort/Womb)
Reclining (breastfeeding)
Submission (prostration)
Traveller’s stop
Hello/goodbye (beginning and endings of relationship)