Mandi Bunga (Flower Bath)

Traditionally, this special floral bath is a cleansing ritual practised in different cultures in Southeast Asia to flush the body of negative energies. The body becomes an open channel for fresh beginnings. It is believed that this ritual is best performed during the full moon.

Inspired by this folk practice, some artists* have created artworks and performances. 

*See Malaysian artist Sharon Chin’s artwork for the 2013 Singapore Biennale Mandi Bunga/Flower Bath.

In Singapore’s Little India, numerous flower shops on Campbell Lane sell fresh flowers from Malaysia at the five-foot way.

You’ll need:

  • Container of your choice (a basin or pail) 
  • Flowers (pack of five or seven)
  • Writing materials

Begin by writing down on a piece of paper any fears or worries which you have:


I would like to let go of  _________

On another piece of paper, write down what you wish to welcome into your life:

I wish to welcome _________

There are no rules. Write in as many or as few words as you wish. If drawing helps, feel free to explore that. Take your time. 

Once you’re done writing, fill the container of water with flowers. Stir the water while performing a personal prayer to welcome a sense of renewal with you.

Leave the flowers soaking in water overnight. Take a bath with these flowers early at dawn as you release any negative thoughts from your body. 

Before the flower bath, you might also like to try Element Dance.

Tentative square
Tentative feet
Stepping out into the Unknown (circles)
Skip-hop (circle)
A punctuation of ending
Standing Cradle
Walking Cradle
Heart Reach (longing heart)
Abhaya Mudra
Resting on the horizon (30 sec)
Circling hands
Sisyphus (moving forward, moving back)
Exhaustive Shields
Punctuation of an ending
Starfish (Stationary instead of open vulnerability/close safety)
Foetus Position (Comfort/Womb)
Reclining (breastfeeding)
Submission (prostration)
Traveller’s stop
Hello/goodbye (beginning and endings of relationship)