An on-going artistic research project on embodied care, performed through everyday gestures and rituals

by Alecia Neo 2020
Care Index

Care Index may be used as a score, where movements can be translated and reinterpreted by the audience, potentially offering tools for resistance and transference of sensations of well-being and aliveness to others.

Latest Programmes

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Care Index has been presented in diverse forms ranging from workshops, events, exhibitions and conferences, in collaboration with fellow artists and partners.

Art Residency

Art Residency with ART:DIS Singapore

Dec 2023 - Mar 2024
caregivers in workshop

Artswok Learning Forum 2024: Developing Community Creatively

What does the creative community practitioner need?
29 March - 30 March 2024

Performing Care

Performing Care was developed as part of an ARTEFACT residency at Dance Nucleus in 2023
29 Sept 2023 - 7 Jan 2024
Public Archive

Care index collects diverse gestures of care performed by people from all walks of life

Eduardo Herrera


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Ou Ningfei

On Being Asked for Words of Encouragement

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Josephine Tse

The first supper

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Carla Jean Philline

Never will you fall apart

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Necessary Osmosis

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Conscious Connections

Touching Earth

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Disembodiment is not my plan

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Root Intelligence

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Alvyna Han

HUGS (Moving on with love​​​​​​​)

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Alvyna Han

BRISK WALK (Moving on with love)

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Alvyna Han

ENERGY (Moving on with love)

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Alvyna Han

CAREFREE (Moving on with love)

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