Wandering but not lost

After having been retrenched, I was left with the anxiety-laden task of looking for another job. Possibly another role different from my previous role. I searched deep within (and the internet, of course) for inspiration, and what caught my attention was the story of the Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years in the Bible. They complained and doubted the Creator even though the Creator manifested Himself in very obvious ways countless times to his people. Ultimately, through a test of faith, they were led to the Promised Land.

This story gave me hope as I too felt like my journey now involved wandering about the virtual corridors of job postings and portals, feeling uncertain about getting into the 'right' company, paranoia and insecurity about one's resume and portfolio etc. By a stroke of good luck or divine intervention, a close childhood friend of mine had also left his job and was on the same journey of finding another role. We connected and started to meet up frequently to share our experiences and each other's opinions. This was of invaluable help because as we encountered obstacles and failures, our minds were often clouded by disappointment or confusion. Yet, when we shared each others' stories, we were able to give wise counsel to each other. There were 'aha' moments where we made thrilling paradigm shifts that we knew were going to help us on our journey. We trans/in-fused encouragement into the other whenever it was sorely needed. The journey lasted about 5 months. One could always taste a sweet-sickening cocktail of anxiety, hope, disappointment, enlightenment, failure-once-more in one's mouth as one trudged along the trails towards THE job (and being financially responsible.)

My guide and I both found jobs at about the same time. It was a time of great joy as we heard about how the other received an offer (finally.) Trips to Indian restaurants dishing out delicious dosai and masala tea marked our discovery of our Promised Lands. We were grateful that our learnings as fellow travellers somehow led us to jobs and roles which were great for us. Our faith in our faith were strengthened. If you ever need to wander in the desert - please get a fellow traveller or guide. Trust me.