Phoo Myet Che (Pearl)
5 January 2021
07.00 am
Clementi Forest, Singapore

Recalibration of peripersonal space

Taking walks in nature This gesture provided an outlet from the confinement of my room ever since the start of the pandemic and I had the privilege of performing this gesture at least once a week to keep myself grounded. It allowed me to recalibrate my peripersonal space and I became more aware of the sounds of cicadas and attained the ability to smell rain before a downpour. The footage of the video is recorded by a dear friend of mine, Ye Thu, who braved the mud and lost his spectacles somewhere in the middle of Clementi Forest. The sound accompanying the video is a snippet from the live recording of the song "Somewhere" by Kin Leonn which I have been listening to a lot to sit down and contemplate.