Pamela @GoldenHeartAlchemy

Heart Way​​​​​​​

I chose the gesture of placing a hand on the centre of the chest, bringing to focus the energetic heart centre. There are many ways of expressing care, and often the deepest levels of genuine care remain unseen and unheard. The untrusting mind often wants to grasp what actually is intuitive, felt and experienced. For when it comes from a place of pure giving, it is unconditional and does not need to be shown to, or performed, for another. It just is done in that moment as its what is needed. Many sincere acts & gestures of care are unconsciously expressed and many are unaware what these are, especially when it arises from a loving impetus towards ourselves or others. There often isn't a natural desire to record or document the gestures. Often they are intuitive, from the ancient wisdom of our heart, body, bloodlines and cellular memory; not taught. Where we choose to place attention on, our intention & focus goes. Many people, when hearing or witnessing something moving, something that touches the very core of shared human experience, their hand unconsciously goes to their heart. Common, everyday sayings reflect back this natural way of connecting with others, such as, "My heart goes out to you" and "This is such a wonderful heart-to-heart conversation". The most meaningful relationships, connections and relations are not necessarily measured by frequency of contact but by the emotional depth of engagement. Choosing to shift the focus from seeing with the physical eyes and the fearful, distrusting mind, into resting in the observation and expansiveness of the heart space, is the most profound act of care for ourselves and others. All subsequent acts and gestures of care for self and others can then naturally arise from this anchor in our heart space. So each day, each month, year upon year, I have committed to shifting and seeing from the heart and letting my heart lead. From this space where illusions dissolve and clarity heightens, the care expressed to myself and all sentient beings becomes one increasingly freed of old paradigms.