Michelle Villarosa
6 January 2021
08.00 pm
Capri by Fraser Hotel at China Square, Room 1409, Singapore, at My Desk on Day 8 of a 14 Day Quarantine.

Your light knows no boundaries

Community online guided meditations and a safe space to connect. The story: Meditation has been a gesture of care for myself for a number of years. Last year while in lockdown, stranded in the Philippines I began guiding online community meditations. Initially I wanted to offer a space to feel peace and go inward, and it organically bloomed into a safe space for people to connect and care for each other. After several months meditating together it is now a heart-centred community across the globe that truly cares for one another. I chose this gesture over others because I've seen how community meditation has not only impacted one's sense of peace and belonging, but it also influences all aspects of a person's life - their relationships, work, well-being, and view on life in general. It's positive ripple effect is extensive. I learned to meditate through apps initially, then I took a few courses and self practice. After a few years I decided to act on my passion for it and guide meditations. Turned out people really felt the experience and received deep healing from it. This gesture is so meaningful to me. I believe we are meant to express our truest nature. When we are ourselves we're in highest service to others. What is most natural to us is a way to show care for someone else. It's really beautiful!