Just Born

“Just Born” is an auditory experience inviting listeners into the world of liminal space. A transitory period time where a person develops, youth.

The recorded sounds and mixing encapsules the faint and fleeting memories of a child moving through the intangible axis which is time. Pushing, pulling and letting go are some of the motivations of how I expressed my experience through audio. Overlapping sounds and disruptive voices and nuances serve as the twists and turns in which life brings and the depth of audios ranging from varying kHz are the “y axis” of the project. Following up from the care workshop I realised that not everything can be explained and sometimes the dormant and instinctive feelings and senses we receive may be more than enough. The score I created was inspired by my own experiences as a child and the activity in which we expressed ourselves via ball strings. I realised that instead of looking things linearly, I could create my own senses through being limitless and hence finding the 3 dimensional freedom of sound, by altering the said sounds and bending the conventions of what is “normal”.