Hannah Chua
Home, Labrador Park, Train, Bus

A day's journey around Singapore

My wayfinding score follows the journey I take around Singapore, the busy transports to the park, and a beach in the evening. I split them into 4 parts- the first being waking up in the morning, hearing the trains downstairs my house alongside the Asian Koel calls. The second is the crowded public transports. The third section introduces a different soundscape of walking inside a park. The last section is the evening waves by the sea. Each section includes some hobbies I enjoy doing too- reading, drawing, photography and music. On my journey around Singapore, these are the things I would bring around to do too. Throughout the process of the audio recording, my eyes opened to the amount of sound there was around us. We often live our busy lives and drown out the sound around us. Doing this project allowed me to stop and listen, listen to the birds, chatter, and the buzz of the city life.