Recipes for Wayfinding (Care Index) Workshop

Esplanade Presents | The Studios

Recipes for Wayfinding (Care Index) Workshop

Co-facilitated by Alecia Neo and Jill J. Tan (Singapore)

4 Sep 2022, Sun

3pm - 5pm  

2hrs (no intermission)

Esplanade Rehearsal Studio

Recommended for ages 17 and above.

Meeting Point: Theatre Studio Entrance, Level 4, 15 mins before start time.

Dress comfortably. Participants may be asked to remove their footwear during the workshop.

This workshop will involve some movement and dialogue. Participants are also required to bring their own smartphones and earpieces.

Advisory: Mask-wearing is required for all indoor events.

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Wayfinding has historically been rooted in physical places, mapping how we orient ourselves, read signposts and navigate routes to reach a destination. In today’s context, how might the process of wayfinding offer new tools for reorientating and reencountering ourselves and others in new and shifting territories?

Recipes for Wayfinding Workshop is a complement to the site-specific installation by artist Alecia Neo at the Esplanade Rooftop Terrace. 

Co-facilitated by Alecia Neo and Jill J. Tan, the workshop offers a series of creative activities that have emerged from a process of collective experimenting with body movements, sound and the sharing of stories. Beginning with our feet, participants and facilitators will try out a series of creative exercises that invite different modes of listening and orienting via our body and different materials.

The workshop has been fueled by the practices and stories of project collaborators Alecia Neo, Jill J. Tan, Sharda Harrison, Lim Tingli and Celine Tan. Their work emerges against the current backdrop of the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic, its unfolding effects and the intensifying wars and conflicts globally, and the ongoing climate crisis that demands our immediate collective action.

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About Alecia Neo

Alecia Neo’s art practice unfolds primarily through visual and participatory projects that address modes of radical hospitality, care and wellbeing. Her recent projects include ramah-tamah (2020), a dance film commissioned by the Asian Civilisations Museum, and Power to the People (2019), a site-specific art installation commissioned by Goethe Institut Singapur. She is currently working on Care Index, a long-term artistic research that unfolds via collaborations with different practitioners and platforms. Care Index was recently presented at The Listening Biennial, Assembly for Permacircular Museums (ZKM, Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe), New Season of Care (Asia-Art-Activism) and Presence of Mind (Gallery Lane Cove, NSW, Australia).

About Jill J. Tan

Jill J. Tan is a Singaporean writer, artist and researcher committed to collaborative practice and multimodal exploration through games, performance and poetics. Her work has appeared in Guernica, City and Society Journal, Brack, Ghost Proposal, Mynah Magazine, Palimpsest, and the edited volume Resistant Hybridities: Tibetan Narratives in Exile (2020). As a PhD Candidate in Anthropology at Yale University, Jill studies death and dying in Singapore and works with the funeral profession. She also writes about dance and social forms of art.