Singapore Art Week: Care Index Research Workshop #01

As part of the exhibition Networked Bodies and the Care Index project, a working group of artists and cultural practitioners have been gathered to collectively reflect upon the meaning of care in the current global socio-political climate, considering care’s complexities and our shared interdependence. The group will respond and experiment with the current public submissions to the on-going Care Index, engaging in the possibilities of sharing, exchanging and communicating gestures of care with others.

The live stream will showcase a new sound work by collaborating artist Marcel Zaes featuring voices and sounds from the workshop participants.

Marcel Zaes (*Bern, Switzerland), is an artist and artistic researcher. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Music & Multimedia Composition at Brown University (USA). Marcel investigates mechanical time with an interdisciplinary framework. His creative practice in sound consists of assemblages of self-made software code that acts as mechanical timekeepers and humans who they play with, thereby creating an affective potential to re-think the gap between what is conceived of as «human» versus «mechanical» temporality.

This research workshop has been informed and inspired by practices developed by Artway Of Thinking, Filippo Fabbrica and Cristina Medina.