Recipes for Wayfinding (Care Index) Installation

Wayfinding has historically been rooted in physical places, mapping how we orient ourselves, read signposts and navigate routes to reach a destination. In today’s context, how might the process of wayfinding offer new tools for reorientating ourselves in new and shifting territories? How can we create avenues for reencountering each other and discover doors to imaginative travel while making space for understanding oneself?

Presented by The Studios, the installation Recipes for Wayfinding at the Esplanade Roof Terrace explores wayfinding via a patchwork simulacra of human skins. Some of these photographed skins bare marks of injury, stresses, and labour, symbolising different bodies that navigate the world. They interact with a variety of textures, structures and materials—present here on this roof terrace, situated on reclaimed land—which represent care infrastructures that enable and disable these bodies in their attempts to reclaim themselves.You are welcome to interact with the fabric installation by responding to a series of creative prompts and contributing to our open call. You may interpret these activities with freedom, bringing your own creative flair to the mix.

The installation is a complement to the Recipes for Wayfinding workshop on 4 Sept 2022. More details about the workshop here.