Presence of Mind Digital Residency

Artists: Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen | Jeremy Chu | Lada Dedić | Kath Fries | Lindy Lee | Jason Lim | Kristina Mah | Aryadharma Aaron Matheson | Nell | Alecia Neo | Shirley Soh | Phaptawan Suwannakudt | Lachlan Warner
Curators: Dr Kath Fries & Rachael Kiang

Presence of Mind examines the intersection of mindfulness, Buddhism and the creative process of visual artists in Australia and Singapore. For artists in this exhibition, mindfulness is foundational to their creative processes and can take many forms, from embodied processes to playful humour, as well as technological and traditional motifs.

In bringing together diasporic artists from Australia and Singapore, Presence of Mind examines intersections of Buddhist lived experience and cultural differences, highlighting the rich perspectives that spirituality can bring to art.

Opening Night: 6pm Friday 10th December 2021

Care Index (Presence of Mind) Working Group

Alecia Neo

Aryadharma Aaron Matheson

Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen

Dylan Goh

Kath Fries

Kristina Mah

Lachlan Warner

Rachael Kiang

Shirley Soh

Care Index (Presence of Mind) was created over a series of digital residencies with a working group of Australia and Singapore-based artists, writers and curators involved in Presence of Mind. During the residency, the group explored activities and exchanged reflections on contemplative practices, hospitalities and care through the lens of Buddhism.

At the end of the digital residency, a series of video scores was created by the working group. Each score offers a meditation on initiations, dwelling and departures.

The scores are also presented at the Presence of Mind group exhibition in art gallery, alongside an Open Call for public submissions.


00:11 - 03:14 Napping Under a Tree

By Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen

03:16 - 05:02 walk with a tree

By Shirley Soh

05:03 - 08:09 Kiai

By Kristina Mah

08:10 - 11:41 Breath, void, tremble

By Alecia Neo

11:42 - 14:00 Between Me and You

By Dylan Goh

14:01 - 18:23 Shift

By Kristina Mah

18:24 - 22:39 Beach walking meditation … infinity and impermanence

By Kath Fries

22:40 - 27:35 Wade In

By Aryadharma Aaron Matheson